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1 20 Jul 1913 Abbott, Robert John (I0259)
2 4707/1900 Family F0064
3 5 children Family F0151
4 Agricultural labourer when he was married to Ann Hunt, Abel (I0642)
5 also known as Frederick Alfred Hunt, Frederick William (I0648)
6 also known as William Family F0092
7 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I0418)
8 Although married in Wellington in 1900, Joseph and Emma lived in several places around NZ before settling at Tekinga, possibly as late as 1914 as that is the first ention of them on the electoral role.
Joseph's Father died in Wellinton in 1888
Emma came from Manakau/Levin
They moved to the west Coast with their children.
Eileen Gladys recalled coming in across the Grey Bar and travelling from Stillwater to Moana by dray 
Family F0064
9 Arrived on Mystery with brother Jeremiah 1859
Ship: 1069 Tons
Captain: E. Matthews
Surgeon Superintendent: Dr Richardson
Sailed London 15th December 1858 - arrived Lyttelton 20th March 1859

The Mystery, a fine powerful ship of 1069 tons, sent out by the White Star Co., made three successful voyages to New Zealand with passengers and general cargo. On the first occasion she sailed into Lyttelton Harbour on March 20th, 1859, with the yellow flag flying. Captain Matthews reported having sailed from London on December 29th, 1858. Soon after clearing the land smallpox and scarlet fever broke out, and before reaching Lyttelton fifteen of the 300 immigrants on board had died and been buried at sea. The ship made a good run of 83 days, land to land, or 91 port to port. On arrival the ship was placed in quarantine. 
Hunt, Stephen (I0641)
10 Article by Robert Laing: Kemp, Leslie Hamilton (I0024)
11 Article by Robert Laing: Kemp, Leslie Robert (I0001)
12 Burial Comines-Warneton , Hainut, Belgium Kemp, Wilfred Hamilton (I0064)
13 Buried Bolton street Cemetery which is where her father Joseph Alfred Abbott is buried. Abbott, Louisa Gertrude (I0207)
14 Came to NZ in 1885 Colville, William (I0214)
15 At least one living or private individual is linked to this note - Details withheld. Living (I0217)
16 Could it be Charles Leary? Pearson, Charles Henry (I0222)
17 Died aged 36 Horne, Mary (I0628)
18 Died Wellington Hospital 1888. Cause of death was "Chronic Nephritis" which he had since 1883. Buried at wellington on 14th August. Service officiated by Rev Edward Lush (Church of England)
Joseph's Father was James Abbott a sugar planter from America
Josephs mother (may have been ) was Nashi / anshya a Seneca indian

Joseph may have come to NZ at the age of 18 in 1862

Witnesses at Joseph and Mary anne's wedding were John Hutt and Elizabeth Lea. 
Abbott, Joseph Alfred (I0202)
19 Eva / Evadne Hilda and harriet are all one and the same person. She started out as Harriet at Otaki, Married as Evadne Hilda, birthplace Wanganui, but on her husbands death certificate her name was Evadne Harriet. Abbott, Harriet (I0208)
20 Ex RNZ Army Davidson, Robert Phillip (I0283)
HUNT, STEPHEN, Farmer, “Romsley Hill,” French Farm, Barry's Bay. Mr. Hunt was born in 1832, at Romsley Hill, Worcestershire, England. In his early years he followed pit-sawing, at which he worked in Lord Clive's park. Just prior to the Crimean war he joined the militia, and belonged to the first Staffordshire Regiment, of which Lord Alfred Paget was colonel. He served for two years till peace was proclaimed, and the regiment was disbanded. In 1858, he came to New Zealand by the ship “Mystery,” on her first voyage, and entered the service of Mr. Hay, of Pigeon Bay, with whom he remained one year. He then leased French Farm from Miss Dickens for five years. When he purchased the first portion of his present property from the Crown, the land was covered with bush, flax, tutu, and fern. “Romsley Hill” now comprises 420 acres, devoted to dairying and the cultivation of cocksfoot. In the early years of the settlement, Mr. Hunt sold one ton of cheese to Captain Boyd for £100; a transaction to be held in remembrance as illustrative of the “good old days.” Mr. Hunt first stocked his farm with Shorthorn cattle purchased from Mr. Deans. He served on the school committee for many years. Mr. Hunt has been twice married; first to Miss H. Martin, at Norton Common, Staffordshire, in 1857; and secondly, to Miss V. Libeau, of Akaroa, in 1876; and he has nineteen sons and eight daughters, and thirty-nine grand-children. All his children were born in New Zealand, and his first family was distinguished by triplets, girls, who are all living. 
Hunt, Stephen (I0641)
22 Father (James) was a sugar planter.
Have Joseph a steward on ships between Australia and Lyttleton with Nationlity listed as Jamaican / West indian 
Abbott, Joseph Alfred (I0202)
23 Female that may have married William George Kemp (B 1868) Hill, Mabel Beatrice (I0091)
24 Folio #667 1863 Family F0108
25 Have a source of birth as being 1881 Colville, Emma Beatrice (I0234)
26 He was a gold miner at Waihi Family F0151
27 He worked for NZ Railways
2 children 
Family F0154
28 Her sister Elizabeth died the same year Gunton, Mary Anne (I0502)
29 Hilda's usual place of residence at time of marriage was Opunake Newport, Hilda Annie (I0318)
30 His 2nd marriage? previous one in 1935 Family F0155
31 Historical: Kemp, Benjamin Laddie (I0049)
32 History & Photos: Hill, Albert Victor (I0113)
33 History & Photos: Kemp, Benjamin John Darcy (I0062)
34 History & Photos: Abbott, Eileen Gladys (I0014)
35 History & Photos: Abbott, Joseph Henry (I0203)
36 History & Photos: Kemp, Leslie Hamilton (I0024)
37 History & Photos: Kemp, Leslie Robert (I0001)
38 History: Gunton, Mary Anne (I0502)
39 Hsuband of second cousin twice removed Hall, John George (I0503)
40 Colville, Emma Beatrice (I0234)
41 HUNT family:
Stephen Hunt, born 1832 in Romsley, Worcestershire married Harriet Martin who was born in 1841at Tipton. Their first child Susannah was born a year later in 1857. They came to New Zealand on the Mystery together with Stephen's brother Jeremiah and his wife Hannah Bailey. Unfortunately during the journey the baby Susannah died. Stephen and Harriet settled at French Farm on the Akaroa Harbour and they had 12 children. In 1875 Harriet died during childbirth and after 3 months Stephen remarried to 17 year old Victoire Libeau of Akaroa and they had 15 children. In all Stephen fathered 28 children. He died in 1906 and is buried in the Akaroa cemetery with his first wife. His second wife Victoire died 1932 and is buried in the Duvauchelle cemetery. 
Hunt, Stephen (I0641)
42 I also have 1879 Abbott, Addie (I0206)
43 Jack spent time in a Japanese POW camp during WW2 Perrin, John Alfred (I0145)
44 Letter 1868: Kemp, Benjamin John Darcy (I0062)
45 Letter from his Father: Kemp, Benjamin John Darcy (I0062)
46 Listed as a ship builder King, John (I0068)
47 Lived at inangahua Junction at time of Marriage Kemp, Benjamin Laddie (I0049)
48 Lived at Inangahua Junction at time of marriage King, Rosina May (I0050)
49 Lost at Sea on Sea Serpent Hunt, Naomi Presswood (I0658)
50 Lost at sea on sea serpent 1866 Hunt, Frederick Alexander (I0657)

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